Bruce Willis, Christopher Meloni Take on Bankers with Crime Thriller B-Movie in 'Marauders' Trailer

June 1, 2016


Bruce Willis and Christopher Meloni go head to head, their thinly hair-flecked scalps abutting like baby bird bottoms in a nest of straight-to-video crime thrillers, in the trailer for Marauders.

Willis plays a ruthless, smirking bank executive whose branches are being hit by a team of heavily armed robbers. Meloni, Dave Bautista, and Adrian Grenier are the FBI agents hunting down the criminals. But, hold on... what if the true criminals here are not the crooks but the corrupt bankers and politicians at the top!? Shit, Meloni, you'd better on-demand The Big Short before on-demanding this thing when it almost certainly goes straight to on-demand!

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