'Conjuring 2' Nun To Get Her Own Terrible 'Sister Act'

June 15, 2016


Continuing the franchise's noble tradition of promoting women from the inside, The Conjuring series is now developing a movie about that demonic nun from The Conjuring 2. THR reports that the evil sister will follow The Conjuring's evil doll Annabelle in getting her own spin-off movie. The Conjuring 2 co-writer David Leslie Johnson is set to write the film, which will, aptly, be titled The Nun.

Interestingly--sort of?--the character of the nun was only added to the sequel with re-shoots and digital alterations done this March after director James Wan "was struck by a revelation." We can only assume that means this image:


"What about these horrific ghosts of the '90s as a single, ghastly entity? That's pretty good, right?"

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