Danny Glover Not Too Old To Say He's Too Old for That Shit Again in the 'Almost Christmas' Trailer

June 15, 2016


You know those movies where a big family all gathers in a large, beautiful home for the holidays, and then they share some laughter, some tears, and probably a romance subplot where one of the visiting family members rekindles something with a local from their past? Well, here's another one to toss under the tree with The Family Stone, Home for the Holidays, and last year's Love the Coopers. It's Almost Christmas, and it sees the likes of Danny Glover, Omar Epps, Gabrielle Union, Mo'Nique, JB Smoove, Kimberly Elise, John Michael Higgins, Romany Malco, Nicole Ari Parker, Jessie T. Usher, and DC Young Fly. It also forces Glover to say "I'm too old for this shit." That line is apparently going to haunt him until he is too dead for this shit.

Here's the trailer:

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