Fall Out Boy's 'Ghostbusters' Theme Sounds About Right

June 23, 2016


Is the new Ghostbusters a worthy successor to its namesake? How much of the backlash against it is rooted in casual misogyny? Is Ghostbusters brand sanctity even something anyone needs to still worry about after the thoroughly mediocre Ghostbusters II?

Here to finally drown out those questions with the terrible din of whiney pop punk is Fall Out Boy's Ghostbusters theme. It's called "Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid)", and it's a loose cover of the original theme, now made deeply unenjoyable and featuring Missy Elliott in the only bit that isn't utterly reprehensible. It sounds like when the so-called "rock 'n' roll" contestant on American Idol takes a song and "makes it their own" in an unbearable way that nonetheless elicits a standing ovation somehow. It sounds like the Ghostbusters theme that would close the hypothetical Ghostbusters: Bustin' Makes 'Em Feel Good touring stage show of the '90s, with "Venkman" on lead vocals and "Winston" pigeonholed in the rap section. It is the aural equivalent of the original Ghostbusters' ghost-fried eggs scene, quietly horrifying yet disconcertingly mundane. It's... not great.

Here it is:

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