Find Out How Much Everyone Makes, Cats Included, on an Average $200 Million Film

June 7, 2016


When a studio makes a movie with a $200 million budget--say, Titanic, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or the Green Lantern everyone wants to forget happened--how much is everyone on the cast and crew getting of that? How much does the director earn? What's the cinematographer's cut? Are the Illuminati henchman that secretly insert their arcane symbols into the film given a paycheck, or is witnessing the glorious, clandestine power of their New World Order payment enough? Thanks to Vanity Fair, now you can get an idea with this hypothetical credits sequence listing everyone on a $200 million film's estimated earnings on the picture:

I know who will be chowing on Fancy Feast tonight: that $13,000 cat! And probably some of the extras.

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