Full 'Pete's Dragon' Trailer Certainly Makes This Seem as Least as Good as Original

June 14, 2016


If you're looking for a new E.T.-like tale of boy-meets/hides-creature but don't want it to also inexplicably be about monster trucks, here's you go with Pete's Dragon. Pretty loosely based on the not particularly good 1977 film of the same name, the remake tells of a kid who, orphaned in the woods, befriends a furry, sometimes-invisible dragon that he later has to protect from mean old Karl Urban. Bryce Dallas Howard plays the forest ranger that's fostering this dragon Mowgli, Robert Redford plays her father, and Wes Bentley plays what would seem to be a single dad and love interest for Howard. For the better, no one at all appears to play Mickey Rooney's role of Lampie, the drunken lighthouse keeper that keeps creepily hanging out with a young boy. Here's the trailer:

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