HBO Orders Pilots from Kathryn Bigelow, Adam McKay

June 7, 2016


Looking to a future when Game of Thrones has run its course, and we'll all be left with nothing to ask casual acquaintances if they're caught up on because we have little else to talk about, HBO has ordered some new drama pilots from some respectable names.

The first pilot: Mogadishu, Minnesota, a drama about a Somali family in the highly Somalian region of the Twin Cities. Mogadishu-born Canadian rapper K'naan Warsame is writing, directing, and executive producing, with the last duty also being shared by Zero Dark Thirty's Kathryn Bigelow. It's reported that the project also touches on the idea of domestic Jihadi recruitment, giving xenophobes something new to add when they're dreaming up things to fear about Somalian immigrants. Right now it's mostly just piracy.

The second pilot: Succession, a show about a dysfunctional family at the head of an international media conglomerate. Will Ferrell and The Big Short's Adam McKay are executive producing, with McKay also directing. Peep Show co-creator and In the Loop writer Jesse Armstrong will executive produce and script the pilot. I had always hoped the feeling of being Rupert Murdock's spouse would come as a VR simulation, but hey, this also sounds good.

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