Hulk May Wear Fashionable Arm Sheathe in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

June 1, 2016


Good news for those hoping Marvel's cinematic Hulk would finally take a little pride in his appearance and put on something other than torn slacks.

If JoBlo is to be believed, Thor: Ragnarok will, in part, be drawing from the famous Planet Hulk storyline, which saw Hulk on an alien world where he was forced into gladiator combat. Further, it's said that with this story will come Hulk's accompanying, ever-so-slightly more modest attire: armor that covers his shoulder and arm.

While fans will no doubt be excited to see the iconic look on screen, just keep in mind that in the end, what matters is that Hulk wears something that looks good. What matters is that Hulk wears what makes Hulk feel good.

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