Jason Statham Apparently Made Another 'Mechanic' Movie and It Has a Trailer

June 23, 2016


Back in 2011, Jason Statham starred in The Mechanic, a remake of the 1972 film of the same name but just as much a remake of every other unremarkable "Jason Statham movie" Statham has been in. Now, five years later, that movie has apparently been turned into a franchise with Mechanic: Resurrection, a sequel that could have just as easily been titled Statham's the Star, You Know the Drill.

The follow-up sees Statham returning to the role of Jason Statham, here tasked with taking out a crime boss's hit list of the other top Jason Stathams of the world--among them, assassin Tommy Lee Jones. When Statham refuses, this crime guy forces his hand by kidnapping Jessica Alba. But you know what? Jason Statham the Character does not bend so easily to the will of others. Instead of killing T.L. Jones, he teams up to reclaim the living Into the Blue poster that was taken from him. By killing a bunch of dudes.

In other words, Jason Statham's the star. You know the drill. Here's the trailer:

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