'Justice League Dark' Will Be an Animated Film Now

June 7, 2016


The film adaptation of Justice League Dark Guillermo del Toro long championed as his pet project is finally getting made. But it seems he won't be the one doing it.

It's just been revealed that Justice League Dark--a comic book team consisting of supernatural, horror, and magic-themed superheroes--will now be hitting screens as a straight-to-video animated project. Or so it seems from this information on the British Board of Film Classifications site (via), where it's said that the upcoming release of Batman: The Killing Joke will feature a nearly eight minute sneak peek at a JLD movie. All else that's been revealed is that, while The Killing Joke was made for an adult audience, the preview is rated for 12-and-up. Suffice to say, team member Swamp Thing's mossy drapes will still shield his testicles in this take.


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