'Logan's Run' Remake Has Somehow Still Not Reached Its Last Day

June 1, 2016


Still fleeing from its societally agreed-upon demise, a remake of Logan's Run is once again in development. The re-do, first proposed nearly 20 years ago, has already been passed around the likes of Bryan Singer, Nicolas Winding Refn, and Joseph Kosinski. Now, though there's not yet a new director attached, Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has hired Colony co-creator/showrunner Ryan Condal to write a new screenplay based on a treatment from X-Men: Apocalypse co-writer Simon Kinberg. It's said the script will be based more on the original 1967 novel, which told of dystopian future where people are euthanized at 21--save for those that become "Runners" and flee to "Sanctuary," a haven where all may grow feeble, withered, and irrelevant, and die suddenly of heart disease while watching CBS, as is the natural way.

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