Martin Starr, Logan Marshall-Green Join 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

June 17, 2016


The guy who's always the nerd on a show and the guy in Prometheus who ended up not being Tom Hardy like you thought have joined Spider-Man: Homecoming.

According to Deadline, Silicon Valley and Party Down star Martin Starr has joined the superhero reboot in an unspecified role that you pretty much figure is going to be some kind of droll dork. Maybe Peter Parker's sarcastic computer science teacher or something. That's just the hand he's been dealt, you know?

The Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, brings word that Logan Marshall-Green, who was recently still not Tom Hardy in The Invitation, has signed on to the film as a villain that will work alongside Michael Keaton's Vulture. It's been rumored that the secondary bad guy would be the Tinkerer, a Spider-Man rogue that is a super-genius of engineering. He's also a villain that has always been depicted as a decrepit elderly man so incredibly old that his god-given name is "Phineas." Time will tell if we indeed finally have the young, objectively attractive Tinkerer we always fantasized would passionately tinker us.

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