'Monster Trucks' Trailer Reveals They Went Really Literal with the Title

June 1, 2016


Nearly three years since announcing their confounding plan to make a movie called Monster Trucks, Paramount has released the first trailer for the film, finally revealing how exactly they turned monster trucks into a movie. Turns out, by going extremely literal with the name!

The film sees X-Men series star Lucas Till as a young mechanic or something whose junkyard gets an unexpected extraterrestrial visitor: what appears to be DreamWorks Animation's take on Syfy's Sharktopus. It's a strange, CGI cartoon character that has tentacles, a smooth, toothy head, and, most relevantly, the ability to climb inside a pickup and hoist it up to towering heights. Now THAT'S what I call a monster truck, somehow no one says in this entire trailer.

Normally, one might expect that government agents would be after this strange creature, but as this film is nothing if not dedicated to its title concept, here it's instead a roving band of monster truckers pursuing the being--assumedly to verbally and physically assault it, like these good old boys do to anyone they perceive to be an alien. To escape the group's pursuit, Till enlists the help of scientist Thomas Lennon and Suburgatory's Jane Levy, love interest/equestrian.

Basically, it's E.T. as reconstructed from elements of a Nicholas Sparks film. Have a look:

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