NBCUniversal To Drown Us in Putrid Green Sea of Shrek Movies

June 15, 2016


Though Comcast hasn't yet completed its planned acquisition of DreamWorks Animation, already the heads of NBCUniversal are looking forward to how they can overexpose and drain the brand as quickly as possible.

Speaking to investors, NBCUniversal chief Steve Burke revealed that, like NBC airing a solid week of Deal or No Deal episodes, they hope to give us Shrek films until we can't fucking stand to see that grinning bald head anymore. Burke reportedly announced plans to stretch the Shrek franchise as sickly-green and thin as the almighty dollar that sustains it, threatening to hoist Shrek back up from the gaping Smash Mouth we left him in to make more of those movies. Additionally, he wants to start cranking out FOUR (4) DreamWorks Animation films a year now. So yeah. This could mean quite a lot of Shreks. Plan your life accordingly.

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