Nicolas Winding Refn Says He's Not Adapting 'The Incal' After All

June 24, 2016


Remember a few years ago, when Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn was supposedly developing a movie based on the Alejandro Jodorowsky comic The Incal? Well, whether that was ever actually happening or not, it apparently isn't anymore.

Following a screening of his new film, The Neon Demon, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night, Refn did a Q&A with the audience. Between several incomprehensible questions and an accusation of racism, someone asked the director whether the Incal adaptation was happening. With the same curtness he'd shown for much of the session, Refn replied, "No." So there you go.

But if you're looking for a good Incal movie, there's still hope: Jodorowsky and artist Mœbius actually sued Luc Besson for The Fifth Element, claiming he borrowed heavily from their comic. I guess that's sort of an endorsement?

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