Somehow Not Soured by 'Prince of Persia', Jake Gyllenhaal Signs on for Other Ubisoft Game Movie

June 2, 2016


Woefully undeterred by 2010's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Jake Gyllenhaal has for some reason decided to again star in a movie based on an Ubisoft video game. Variety reports that the actor has signed on to produce and needlessly play the lead in Tom Clancy's The Division, a movie based on the best-selling third-person shooter of the same name. Gyllenhaal would play a Strategic Homeland Division agent in Manhattan investigating the nature of a recent smallpox pandemic. Like the game's players who take on that role, Gyllenhaal would be making much better use of his free time doing nearly anything else, but look, he worked really hard all week. Doesn't he deserve to unwind a little zoning out on this garbage?

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