Robert De Niro Secures Next Hilariously Widowed Grandpa Role

June 14, 2016


Once-in-a-generation screen icon Robert De Niro has scored his next role where he'll yuk it up as a wacky old widowed grandfather. According to Deadline, the Dirty Grandpa star has signed on for The War with Grandpa, a comedy that will be Garfield 2 and Alvin and the Chipmunks director Tim Hill's unfortunate follow-up to Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever. The film will reportedly focus on a boy "who loves his grandfather, but also loves his bedroom"--a seemingly uncomplicated duality that gets thorny when his just-widowed grandpa moves into his room. The arrangement leads to the young man starting an escalating prank war with the heartbroken man who just lost the love of his life. It's funny because he's exhibiting hilariously early signs of sociopathy!

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