Rooney Mara, Robert Redford, Jason Segel To Verify Afterlife for Netflix

June 13, 2016


The afterlife. Sure, that kid from Heaven Is for Real gave us the thumbs up on it, but it'd be nice if a scientist or someone could back that up, right?

Such is the conceit of The Discovery, director Charlie McDowell and writer Justin Lader's follow-up to 2014's intriguing The One I Love, and Netflix is going to bring it to theaters and their streaming service next year.

The film is reportedly set a year after a researcher has positively verified that there is an afterlife, so a bunch of people have been, like, fuck it, I might as well just kill myself because this normallife is sure some bullshit. Robert Redford plays the scientist who made the finding, and Jason Segel plays his son. Rooney Mara plays Segel's love interest, who's said to be haunted by a tragic past. Viewers will play wells of existential dread slowly filling with the sick realization that there is almost certainly no way to actually prove an afterlife, meaning they'll have to just keep living with the unfathomable knowledge that themselves as a concept could stop being at any given moment.

Sounds like a good one!

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