Siegfried & Roy Biopic To Finally Give Us White Jungle Cat's Private View

June 27, 2016


Get ready to find out whether the collective life of Siegfried & Roy was as unimaginably strange as you hope it would be.

The flamboyant Las Vegas magicians/big-cat wranglers are reportedly getting a biopic to be made by a far less fabulous German duo, director Philipp Stölzl and his The Physician screenwriter Jan Berger.

"The image of Siegfried and Roy floating down onto the stage in their fantastical outfits, landing amidst a pack of snow-white tigers, has been burned into my mind since I was a boy," Stölzl explained of the project, his voice assumedly quivering in terror.

Unfortunately, it's said this will be an authorized biopic, executive produced by Siegfried and Roy themselves, so you just know they won't tell us whether they ever did it on a tiger skin rug while making another tiger watch.

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