'Splash' To Be Remade with New Twist, Still Fish Parts Becoming Human Genitals

June 6, 2016


Over 30 years since Splash hit theaters, producer Brian Grazer is ready to once again delve into his fascination with fish-people that can abruptly produce human genitalia.

Speaking to CNBC, Grazer revealed that he's making a new version of his 1984 Tom Hanks-Daryl Hannah, mermaid-based romantic-comedy, saying that there's already a "movie star involved" who could manifest a fully functional human reproductive system from an ichthyoid tail.

Further, he says this new film will have a "twist," hinting at a change-up even greater than Splash's reveal that a mermaid's fin, when dried, develops the legs and wretched pudenda of man.

Grazer also wasn't willing to say what the twist was just yet, but ComingSoon has an idea. They note that, in 2009, Grazer's Imagine Entertainment picked up a script called Merman. It focuses on a male mer-person who goes to land to win back the heart of the mermaid fiancée who left him for a naturally-legged man whose penis never even recedes into a scaly fin.

Could the Merman screenplay be the basis for this new take on Splash? And, more worrisome, does this mean Adam Sandler is finally going to make good on the threats of Funny People?


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