'Star Trek' Actor Anton Yelchin Dead at 27

June 20, 2016


Anton Yelchin, the young Star Trek actor who brought heart and authentically Russian-born heritage to the role of Chekov, has died. Various outlets are reporting that Yelchin, star of such films as Charlie Bartlett, Fright Night (2011), and Like Crazy, was killed at his Hollywood home in the early hours Sunday in a tragic freak accident. Like, you probably don't even want to know how tragic and freakish this is, but if you for some reason do, here's what happened.

According to the LAPD reports, the actor seems to have exited his car at the end of his driveway, leaving the vehicle in neutral. Due to the drive's incline, the car started to roll and ended up somehow pinning Yelchin against his gate, leading to blunt traumatic asphyxiation--or, basically, suffocation from the car crushing against him. Pretty fucked, right?

Yelchin was 27 and a natural magician.

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