'The Saint' Remake To Drape Someone New in Ridiculous Disguises

June 20, 2016


Nearly 20 years since Val Kilmer put on this disguise that would, in retrospect, make it look like he was doing Amazing Spider-Man 2 cosplay, The Saint is heading back to theaters. According to Deadline, Paramount has just secured The Saint's book series rights to again launch a film take on the Robin Hood-like thief last seen played by Kilmer in the 1997 movie.

The hope is that the lead will now be played by, you know, some handsome up-and-comer, whoever, but then, at the very end, that guy would pull off a mask and you'd see it was ol' Val the whole time, and he'd hold up a finger to his mouth--shhhhhh--and then he'd pull off THAT mask, but this time it's just a smooth, featureless head that says "The End" before it cuts to credits.

That's just my hope, though, so we'll see how that goes.

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