Watching 'David Brent: Life on the Road' Trailer a Foregone Conclusion

June 17, 2016


David Brent is back--even if he was never really gone all that much to begin with. In The Office Christmas Specials, which gave just pleasant enough closure to the character, Brent continually, unwelcomely returned to the Wernham-Hogg workspace despite his having absolutely no reason to keep coming back there. Likewise, Ricky Gervais has been continually finding new ways to drag his UK Office star back out despite the longtime lack of Office, reprising the role for a Microsoft corporate video, the Concert for Diana, The Office US, a Comic Relief music video, a series of online guitar lessons, and more. With Life on the Road, he's returned again in a feature film that sees Brent once again popping into an office and now touring with his old band, Foregone Conclusion. Judging by this fairly funny if exceedingly familiar trailer, though, this might be the most surprisingly welcome encore of "Free Love Freeway" yet.

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