Amazon's 'The Tick' Costume Revealed, Whoopi Suit Also Revealed

July 21, 2016


Here's our first look at Amazon's The Tick reboot, which sees the fantastic Peter Serafinowicz our new Tick who seems to have some kind of non-slip grip coating now. When this Tick shouts "spoon!" you need not worry that it's because he dropped his utensil. Metal will not escape his textured polyurethane covering.

So, yeah, the costume isn't great. While Patrick Warburton's suit from the old live-action series was spot-on save for the missing eye section of the mask, this version fixes the eye-hole issue but otherwise looks hastily cobbled together from spray-painted rubber pieces of a cheap lizard-man costume.

Thankfully, the appeal of The Tick doesn't have much to do with how awesome the suits are, so let's hold out some hope as we go through the rest of these photos.


Don't get me wrong; Serafinowicz would be a hit strutting around this thing at Comic Con this weekend. It just seems like, in a professional production, they could at least try to sort of mask how Tick is basically wearing a no-doubt hot, heavy snap-crotch women's bodysuit.


See? It looks pretty good once they photoshop out all the glaring seams.


Brendan Hines plays a fellow superhero named Superian, who appears to be in sort of a discount Thor get-up. I guess the budget must have gone entirely to this very convincing Whoopi Goldberg costume.

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