'Captain Power' To Return in Desperate Nostalgia Grab

July 19, 2016


Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future--the short-lived 1987 series that combined live-action, CGI, and horribly disappointing toys that featured a frustratingly poor level of interactivity--is getting the reboot treatment.

According to Deadline, original Captain Power co-creator Gary Goddard is developing the new series, which will be retitled as the redundant, far less evocative Phoenix Rising. Star Trek: Enterprise and G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom writers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens have written the pilot in their return to sci-fi and action figure sales.

For those with slim to no memory of the original Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, it saw the eponymous team, armed with power suits, at war with the cyborg Lord Dread and his minions--crude, computer-rendered Terminator-pterodactyl things attempting to "digitize" the human race. Accompanying spaceship toys--sold separately!--could be used as likewise crude light guns that let kids shoot at and be shot at during some segments of the show. The show obviously wasn't actually affected by kids shooting at their TVs, though, so it ended up being pretty lame.

Anyway, those Terminator pterodactyls? They looked like this:


Yet, somehow, the first teaser for the reboot manages to look even more painfully cheap. Also, it gives Captain Power a suit that appears to combine the weirdly exposed, CGI muscles of Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern with Tim Burton's pulsating, wisely unused Superman costume.

So... he's like Iron Man, but powered by a Sega CD game's cut-scene?

Perhaps we'll find out this weekend, as it's said the plan is to raise awareness for Phoenix Rising at Comic Con. In the meantime, here's a reminder of the original.

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