Check Out Some New Photos from 'Wonder Woman'

July 15, 2016


By way of Entertainment Weekly, here are some new photos from Wonder Woman, the movie about a pretty lady Ben Affleck met at a party and later helped to kill a space-orc. Enjoy!


This is Wonder Woman with the guy from the Reese Witherspoon romantic-action-comedy This Means War. He's trying to explain why Reese chose him over Tom Hardy in that movie, but Wonder Woman isn't having it. She's Team Hardy through and through, just as she was in the comics.


This is director Patty Jenkins on set explaining that, at this point in the film, Wonder Woman has stolen a very fancy hors d'oeuvres plate from a party that was so ritzy that Ben Affleck was there. In this scene, Wonder Woman also steals an old wagon wheel as a rustic accent piece for her apartment. Just like in the comics.


Wonder Woman is straight edge. This is her in front of her weapon collection and a giant tortilla.


Wonder Woman is sworn to protect the storage room of her local mercantile. This is where most of the movie takes place, as there are many vermin that would wish to nibble at this mercantile's dry goods, and many old-fashioney robbers who would steal its ladder, so as to steal cooling pies from high-up windows.

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