Final 'Divergent' Film To Deservedly Premiere as TV Movie

July 21, 2016


The Divergent Series is finally transitioning into the TV movie its writing has always suggested it was.

Variety reports that, with the third film in the Divergent franchise making less than half what the original took domestically, Lionsgate has started planning for the final chapter in the series to air on television instead of in theaters. In other words, a Divergent film can at last be approached with the same level of non-commitment one gives a Divergent book at an airport shop.

The undeniably sad-looking development would seem to be the clear result of greed on Lionsgate's part. Attempting to follow in the profitable paths of Harry Potter and Twilight, the studio awkwardly split The Hunger Games' final chapter into two parts and already saw a dip in profits there. To try the same with their vastly inferior knock-off of Hunger Games is an obvious lesson in hubris.

Yet Lionsgate has not learned that lesson. So, their Divergent TV movie will now also serve as a pilot, introducing a new cast that will be the focus of a TV series to further desperately prolong this franchise.

Because standard movie contracts probably don't cover this kind of thing, it's currently not even clear whether Shailene Woodley, Theo James and their cronies will be appearing in this low-rent version of The Divergent Series: Ascendant.

That said, if, in the TV take, everyone we know is gone and the world looks like a tragic remnant of what we once knew, this might actually be the first time Divergent presents us with a convincing post-apocalypse.

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