Foodstuff Graphically, Vulgarly Learns Its Edible Fate in New 'Sausage Party' Trailer

July 22, 2016


Here's the latest red-band trailer for Sausage Party, the R-rated animated comedy sure to face a conservative outcry far more strangely convoluted than whatever you're imagining.

Co-written by Seth Rogen and filled with his usual cronies, the film is filled with all the crass humor and foul language you'd expect from that crew. Logically, then, you might be thinking that the right-wing protests will be about how parents were "tricked" into taking their children to the adult comedy because of its cartoonish animation. That's a bit too easy, though.

No, the "I was duped into taking my kids to this" narrative will just get a couple slow-news-day local news spots. A Texas mother will tell a reporter how there was no way of knowing the R-rated film was for adults, then the desk anchor will close it off saying the woman has not yet decided if she'll be taking legal action.

Some sort of Council of Christian Families group or whatever will go a bit deeper than that in their protest. Maybe it will be about how the film's jokey sexualization of sausages and buns depicts love outside of the union of marriage--which can only be between a man and a woman, never tubed meat and white bread. Or maybe it will be a legislator who speaks out against how the movie, which sees sausages and other foods feeling pain as they're prepared and eaten, is a clear attack on the pork industry. Or could it be the outside chance that there are actually some people crazy enough to say it endorses an un-American, pro-food/anti-human message? It's definitely going to be weird.

Anyway, here's the NSFW trailer:

Sausage Party will possibly be blamed for promoting anorexia on August 12.

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