Ice Cream Man War To Become Movie You Figure Will Ferrell Will Be In

July 11, 2016


The real-life war between two ice cream truck drivers is being adapted into a feature film that, pretty clearly, seems like it will end up having Will Ferrell in it.

THR reports that New Line has picked up the film rights to The Cold War, an Epic Magazine story that told of a couple Salem, Oregon ice cream men whose rivalry went from a simple turf war to outright arson--akin to the escalation of any number of films in which Ferrell's feud with another actor gets wildly out of hand. In everyone's mind already, Ferrell would play ice cream man Dennis Roeper, "considered an all-American family man." Roeper's nemesis, Mexican immigrant and entrepreneur Efrain Escobar, you have to figure would be Michael Peña. That's obvious enough.

If you'd like to read the story before you see the poster where it's, like, Ferrell and Ferrell and Peña glaring at each other in profile while crossing popsicles like dueling swords, you can have a look here.

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