M. Night Shyamalan Takes Another Misguided Stab at Mental Health with 'Split' Trailer

July 27, 2016


For his follow-up to The Visit--his best reviewed effort since the year he was erroneously dubbed "The Next Spielberg"--M. Night Shyamalan has decided to just keep running with this "teens held captive by the mentally ill" thing. In Split, Shymalan shows us the many faces of Xavier, casting a bald James McAvoy as a multiple personality disorder-afflicted man who kidnaps a trio of girls (The Witch's Anya Taylor-Joy among them). If these young women hope to escape, they're going to have to play the personalities against each other. They're also going to have to put up with so, so much Acting. Have a look:

Alright, Shyamalan. But if the girls are revealed to just be additional personality manifestations, you need to return to your Satan elevator and go to Hell.

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