Mind Meld with Leonard Nimoy in the 'For the Love of Spock' Trailer

July 21, 2016


As is title suggests, For the Love of Spock is essentially a love letter to Star Trek's Spock--if not so graphic a love letter as the internet's Kirk-Spock fan-fiction. Directed by Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam Nimoy, the documentary may drift a bit out of the neutral zone and into hagiography territory, but it seems to nonetheless be a touching tribute to both Spock and the late actor who portrayed him. It's also got an impression line-up of talking heads, featuring J.J. Abrams, the new Star Trek cast, the surviving original cast, and also Jason Alexander. He's there, too. He worked with Nimoy on an episode of Duckman titled "Where No Duckman Has Gone Before," so it works.

Here's the trailer:

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