Pepé Le Pew Film To Finally Bring Skunk-on-Cat Rape to Screens

July 26, 2016


Apparently worried that their planned Speedy Gonzales movie wouldn't pack quite enough ethnic stereotypes into a small cartoon mammal, Warner Bros. is moving forward on their long-planned, wretched-smelling Pepé Le Pew movie. Hollywood's terribly prolific enfant terrible, Max Landis, has confirmed that he'll be writing the animated project, citing the French film Amélie and not-actually-French film The French Connection as inspirations. Think artful Parisian romance meets Gene Hackman's "Popeye" Doyle, who would now be a criminally horny skunk singularly obsessed with fucking a feline Roy Scheider. It will be the perfect companion piece for the eventual Marvin the Martian movie that will be Mars Attacks by way of The Deer Hunter.

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