Pulitzer Prize Winner Hired To Write Fucking 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot

July 27, 2016


Sony has sorted out at least one of the unseen male voices that will tell Charlie's Angels what to do. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pulitzer prize-winning Proof playwright and screenwriter David Auburn will pen the new the Charlie's Angels reboot Pitch Perfect 2's Elizabeth Banks is attached to direct. (Notably, Auburn also wrote the bat-shit crazy, bewilderingly high-concept romance The Lake House, if that's any indication of what a Pulitzer's worth.)

Details on the project aren't yet known, but it's said Auburn was brought on "to create rich, fully developed characters and not just pretty faces plugged into action," as the studio wants "a more female-empowerment message [to] be further amplified in the latest outing." About time Charlie's Angels had a strongly feminist message that still doesn't quite extend to not being condescendingly labeled as a man's beautiful property.

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