T.J. Miller To Star in Emoji Movie That's Still Actually Happening and Has a Bizarre Title

July 18, 2016


As evidence that they're still dead fucking serious about making a movie about emojis, Sony has started casting this goddammer.

Sunday, on what was apparently "World Emoji Day," the studio needlessly celebrated by officially announcing that Silicon Valley blowhard T.J. Miller will star in this unimaginable thing. He'll reportedly play "Gene, who was supposed to be a 'meh' emoji like his parents. However, the optimistic character has a glitch that causes him to have multiple expressions outside of his control. Of course, he wants to be normal, but will his 'glitch' end up being a gift?" It seems this will be Divergent of movies about disembodied, canary-colored heads.

Sony also revealed that the title of their film is EmojiMovie: Express Yourself, seemingly modeled off the sort of mismatched English phrases one finds on a T-shirt from a Chinese street vendor. Like it was between that and GoogleObama: Very iPhone.

Anyway, here's a video Sony made Miller perform in, because they're paying him a lot to do this:

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