Turns Out Adam Wingard Made a 'Blair Witch' Sequel, and Here's the Trailer

July 26, 2016


Now 17 years since it jumpstarted the now overly-thriving found-footage horror genre, The Blair Witch Project is once again gazing up its own starkly-lit nostrils as it turns the camera upon itself with another sequel.

Simply titled Blair Witch, the film seems to line up with the current trend of sequels that re-hash the original while also acknowledging that it exists. In this case, as you'll see in the film's trailer, that means a scene where this guy sees a Blair Witch Project clip on YouTube (so modern!) and is like, "I think my sister was the sobbing snot girl who you've never seen in anything since, so let's go try to find her and in the process get Blair Witched ourselves."

There is one notably surprising element to this otherwise straightforward sequel wearing its forebear's skin, though: Blair Witch is, respectively, written and directed by the talented You're Next and The Guest team of Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard.

I'm going to need to stand in a corner and think about this one for a while.

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