Watch the Trailer for 'Ithaca', Meg Ryan's Historical Drama Your Parents Will Tell You How They Saw

July 27, 2016


Here's the trailer for Ithaca, this historical drama that your parents are going to see together as a little date, and when you visit them next, they'll tell you how it was. Meg Ryan makes her directorial debut on the film, which centers on a teenage telegraph messenger whose brother has gone to fight in WWII, leaving him to take care of his widowed mother (Ryan). Dad will think that it was a pretty good story even if he would have skipped some of the slower parts. Mom will like that John Mellencamp did the music and how Tom Hanks briefly appears as the later-deceased father. "They used to be so cute together in that Sleepless in Seattle and that one... oh, you know--with the emails. So that was nice."

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