X-Men TV Series in Development at Fox

July 13, 2016


The network that has a Batman series that isn't exactly about Batman is now developing an X-Men series that, when it comes down to it, might not quite be an X-Men series, per se, either. Fox has reportedly given a put-pilot to a yet-untitled Marvel co-production set in the X-Men universe and centering on mutants, but, you know, mayyyybe not focusing on Xavier and Wolverine and everyone. It's said the series will instead center on an ordinary couple that, discovering their children have mutant superpowers, go on the run from the government with an underground resistance group of other mutants.

That's not to necessarily say the X-Men series won't feature any of the usual mutant suspects, though. The pilot is being written and executive produced by Burn Notice writer-EP Matt Nix, and according to Marvel head of TV Jeff Loeb, Nix will be bringing "his take on the X-Men universe, with its rich characters." The door is perhaps still open for Cyclops and Jean Grey to yet have a cozy dinner party with this other couple.

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