Footage from 'Spider-Man 3' reused in 'Life' trailer

March 14, 2017


Insane Reddit user toomuchsoull noticed this shot from Spider-Man 3 that appears nearly identically in the Life TV spot. And I say nearly identically because it's clearly missing the star of the show: Mr. Mustache.

Here's the shot from the Life trailer for comparison:


And here's the TV spot so you can appreciate just how quick the shot is and just how ridiculous it is that somebody actually noticed it. The clip appears at around 0:27.

It seems pretty clear that it's just B-roll footage they used to pad the Life trailer, it's just interesting that the footage was shot both with and without Mr. Mustache. I wonder how he feels about being cut. He probably told his entire family to watch out for him and now he's embarrassed because they're going to watch the millisecond flash and he'll be nowhere to be seen.

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