January 12, 2006

Kristanna Loken topless sex scene from Bloodrayne

bloodrayne-sex-scene.jpgI know there are some of you out there who are contemplating throwing down the $10 necessary to watch Bloodrayne just for the gratuitous nudity and sex scenes. Well being the last shred of sanity in that crazy world of yours, I've taken the liberty of posting Kristanna Loken's topless sex scene from the movie. It probably won't be enough to satiate your perverted appetites, but it should at least be enough to stop you from supporting Uwe Boll in any possible way. The guy directed House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark for crap's sake. If sending an ebola infested monkey to bite him in the testicles is the only way to stop him from making anymore movies, then damnit somebody find me a monkey and a syringe filled with ebola.

The totally NSFW video clip after the jump.

Thanks to Kris for providing the clip.

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Is Billy Ray Cyrus her co-star in this scene...or is it MacGyver?

That doesn't seem as fun as she half-heartedly tries to make us believe, and...does that guy have a mullet?

Foreplay is overrated, this I have learned from movies.

One of the most retard unrealistic love scenes I've ever seen. Unless we are to believe this guy gets off just by letting girls grind thier stomach 6 inches from his crotch.

It's great to see natural tits every once in a while. Never heard her name before, but I'd give her the high hard one....that's right baby, speak into the bone-a-phone...

You can't expect a girl who was in Ah-nold's last piece of shit and who made out with...Pink, I think it was, to be particularly emotive when performing a sexual act. She doesn't have enough standards for that.

geez... 60 second sex session? man.. that beats my record

Eh it's not that bad.I still don't knwo how Uwe Boll managed to make Kristanna look liek crap. Although when I listen to her talk and see he in interviews. She lets off a manly vibe. I'd still hit it though ^_^

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