March 23, 2006

Snakes on a Plane Has a Logo


For whatever reason, the makers of Snakes on a Plane have deemed it necessary for the film to have a logo, and Entertainment Weekly's got the scoop. It basically looks like if the American Medical Association logo were designed to be airbrushed on the hood of a Camaro. It's that awesome. And it's just in time, too; I have a tattoo appointment at 4:30.


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Mission: Impossible III Poster


The new poster for Mission: Impossible III has been released, finally completing the trilogy of Tom Cruise looking intense in profile. I thought since he's been getting such negative press lately, they might shy away from showing him too prominently, but there he is, looking like a guerilla Time Life operator. If you look closely, you can see his thumb is resting on a small, red button. This is a rare, private look at Cruise's "crazy button."


Gary Oldman to Return to Harry Potter

gary-oldman-harry-potter.jpgFor those Harry Potter fans nervous about Gary Oldman's unconfirmed involvement in the next film in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, worry no longer. According to, a deal has been reached, and Oldman will be reprising his role as Sirius Black. Sadly, the one person disappointed for the news was the creator of, who quickly realized this was probably the only time anyone would ever be interested in exclusive Gary Oldman information.


Daniel Craig to Continue Being Bond

craig-bond-sequel.jpgDespite the protests of fans and websites, producer Barbara Broccoli has indicated that Daniel Craig will be returning to the Bond franchise to continue the story they start in Casino Royale, saying:

We are already working on the sequel. We're in the early stages of that. It will be an original story but will continue part of what the story is in Casino Royale.

This seems premature, seeing that they haven't even made the horrible movie yet, but I'll let Barbara Broccoli do whatever she wants. The critical fans still win as long as they continue to not have the name of a cartoon vegetable.


The Da Vinci Code Full Trailer


Before you forget that The Da Vinci Code was popular a couple years ago, make sure you watch the trailer for Ron Howard's film version. Yahoo! Movies has posted an exclusive trailer for the upcoming movie, starring Tom Hanks as the intrepid Lou Da Vinci, great-grandson of the famous Leonardo, who inherits the famous Mona Lisa only to trade it to an albino for a pizza. Whoops! How is he going to get it back? By dressing up like a woman and sneaking into Albino College! It's Da Vinci Co-Ed!*

*This may not actually be the plot, but I think that would make a better movie that this.


X-Men: The Last Stand Images Still Goofy


A couple more X-Men 3 pictures have turned up, providing a fuller documentation of the destruction of the franchise. The images prove that Beast still looks like My Pet Monster and that no matter how well Magneto may control magnetism, old guys still don't know how to load a dishwasher. It's true--they don't!

See Beast stand awkwardly after the jump.

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