April 03, 2006

Boa Thai Film Posters


Asia is ahead of us in so many areas. For example: mathematics, video games, and snake aviation movies. While America gets all all up-in-arms for a movie about some snakes on a plane, in Thailand they've got this giant fucking boa taking down a helicopter by crushing it. How embarrassing for us.

See the other poster, where a snake eats a woman whole, after the jump.



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Underdog Finds Villain in Peter Dinklage

dinklage-underdog-simon.jpgPeter Dinklage, the small star of The Station Agent, has been named as the villain in the big screen adaptation of the 1960's cartoon Underdog:

Peter Dinklage has signed on to play the bad guy in Walt Disney Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment's Underdog, reports Variety. The live-action version of the popular kids cartoon starts shooting April 10 in Rhode Island under the direction of Frederik Du Chau. Dinklage will portray Simon Barsinister, an evil scientist who once created a Big Dipper Machine in an effort to steal the world's water supply.

When I first read that Dinklage was going to star, I just assumed they'd throw him in a dog suit and make him play Underdog himself. Now that I've seen he'll be playing an actual person, I'm a little disappointed. They'll probably just use CG or an "Air Bud" to play the titular role, and that's a mistake. Using either of those isn't going to give you the raw emotions you'd get in a dwarf. Of course, a dwarf won't give you the raw emotions of a normal human either. Just as normies, in turn, would give less intense emotions than a giant. That's just the way acting works, and is why those with gigantism are going to continue sweeping the awards ceremonies until we do something to stop them.


Alien Autopsy Trailer is Real


I normally don't approve of alien autopsies. It's my firm belief that we shouldn't concern ourselves with the cause of death of an alien, only that they are actually dead, and not just waiting to jump up and scare us. However, I'm willing to make an exception after seeing the trailer for Alien Autopsy, which takes a new spin on the idea, and honestly looks pretty funny. The film tells the comedic story of the two friends that invented and executed the fake alien autopsy footage that became a media sensation and a television special on Fox in 1995. You may remember it best by its host: one Mr. Jonathan Frakes. That's right, I'm talking Riker, mo-fo's.

After this, someone should make a movie about how they made the Paris Hilton sex tape, because I'd like to see how that all went down, too. Though I imagine it would probably just be a twenty-minute short where she's bought four shots and told she doesn't look that much like a bird.


Tideland Trailer


Someone pointed out that aside from the impressive images of corpses, trees, and beekeeper gunmen, the trailer for Terry Gilliam's Tideland is available as well on the official site. From viewing it, the film looks completely strange, creepy, and and awe-inspiring--all the things that typically make Gilliam's movies so great. It seems even after the mediocrity of The Brothers Grimm, the great filmmaker we knew has returned. It feels like when my father finally returned home after having been gone for 12 years, no one knows where. Only, I hope, unlike my father, Gilliam won't just grab his leather "Taz" jacket and leave before I can get down the stairs to see him.


Tideland Photos: Including Corpses!


If you didn't already want to see Terry Gilliam's Tideland, you're going to after you see these images. What is it that makes us always want to see any movie with a rotting corpse with amber eyes and its mouth stitched shut? Probably the same thing that makes us want to masturbate to department store mannequins instead of forming any meaningful relationships. It's just one of those quirks that makes us human.

See more here, compliments of Russia. They've won this battle, but we won the Cold War, and the blue jeans war.


Hott Fuzz Video Blog #2


The continuing video blog, following the making of the new Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright action/comedy Hot Fuzz, has added its second chapter, in which Wright discusses the film a bit. There's nothing too amazing--it's mostly an introduction to the film, with some bits on the difficulties of directing--but since it's the makers of the Shaun of the Dead, I felt it needed to be promoted. Until they show me otherwise, I'll assume the quality of, and promote anything they make. If they make a house, I'm their real estate agent. If they make a car, I'll do the crash tests, set-up a dealership, and send you home in one with rust protection. If they make a child, I'll sneak into their home in the dead of night, cover the child's mouth with a chemical-covered rag, get that kid on a plane, and deliver him or her (they'd prefer a girl) to a waiting family in New England. It's just my way.