April 04, 2006

Sharon Stone Talks Total Recall and Specialist Sequels

sharon-stone-sequels.jpgDoes Sharon Stone have more sequels in the works? She seems to hope so. Speaking at the premiere of Basic Instinct 2, the actress revealed to a fan that a second Total Recall may be in the works and that she's talked of making a sequel to The Specialist.

She said she thinks the company that made the first "Total Recall" might be doing one, but that she won't be in it because her character is dead. "I would have loved to of though". She said she's talked to Sly Stallone, though, about doing a "Specialist" sequel a couple of times.

Come on, Sharon. I think we all know that your character being dead won't be what stops you from making another Total Recall. Your negotiations are all based on the amount of cooter you get to show--the more the better. For a Total Recall sequel, you'd probably only ask for pubes, but come time for The Mighty 2, and your demands skyrocket, bringing to audiences the first big screen hysterectomy. I'm actually hoping you make a The Specialist sequel, because I've been dying to get a peek at those old ovaries.


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Lonely Island Crew Making a Movie


The Andy Samberg and the rest of the guys from the comedy group The Lonely Island, who recently made news for joining the cast of SNL and creating the short that became an Internet sensation, "Lazy Sunday," are set to star-in and direct a script by South Park writer Pam Brady:

The Paramount Pictures project centers on an accident-prone daredevil (Samberg) who plans to jump the Snake River on a moped to emulate his hero Evel Knievel in order to win over his hard-to-please stepfather. The studio is eyeing a July start.

Someone will have to tell me if I should be excited about this. I've heard that their shorts are pretty funny, but I still haven't gotten to watching any of them. I'm actually a decade behind on all of my Internet sensations. I just finished watching an animation emulating a road sign, telling me that a webpage is "under construction." It's crazy because webpages aren't constructed that way. By the end of tonight, I'm hoping to finish watching some kid swinging a broom around like a lightsaber, if my sides would only stop aching from this hilarious dancing baby.


The Simpsons Movie Teaser Trailer


Shown with Ice Age 2 and on Fox last night, a teaser for the currently in-production The Simpsons movie revealed that the release date for the film is July 27, 2007. Who's not excited about this one, eh? I just wish they'd made this a decade ago, when the show was in its prime, instead of now, when I'm ten years older. Man, back then I was really something. Getting pussy every night, rolling in money, crazy on drugs, and the pussy. Now I'm living mostly in the stock room of a Circuit City, and the only pussy I get is in the medical illustrations I secretly cut out of some teenager's anatomy textbook. If this movie doesn't cheer me up, I'll probably end up making a half-hearted attempt at killing myself, just for the attention.


Clerks 2 Internet Exclusive Trailer


An Internet exclusive trailer for Clerks 2 has gone up on the official site, showing a lot more of the movie than the teaser. As much as I think Kevin Smith needs to move beyond his little nerdy, self-referential world, I have to give him credit where credit is due: nice job with the boobs. The trailer gives us Rosario Dawson dancing around in a tank top, then some other lady in a sheer bra lifting her shirt. It amounts to about the same sexual content as a Sears catalog, but in motion-- a concept I've been asking for as a movie for years, so who am I to complain?

And is it just me, or has age turned Dante into David Brent?


Boa Thai Film Posters


Asia is ahead of us in so many areas. For example: mathematics, video games, and snake aviation movies. While America gets all all up-in-arms for a movie about some snakes on a plane, in Thailand they've got this giant fucking boa taking down a helicopter by crushing it. How embarrassing for us.

See the other poster, where a snake eats a woman whole, after the jump.

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Underdog Finds Villain in Peter Dinklage

dinklage-underdog-simon.jpgPeter Dinklage, the small star of The Station Agent, has been named as the villain in the big screen adaptation of the 1960's cartoon Underdog:

Peter Dinklage has signed on to play the bad guy in Walt Disney Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment's Underdog, reports Variety. The live-action version of the popular kids cartoon starts shooting April 10 in Rhode Island under the direction of Frederik Du Chau. Dinklage will portray Simon Barsinister, an evil scientist who once created a Big Dipper Machine in an effort to steal the world's water supply.

When I first read that Dinklage was going to star, I just assumed they'd throw him in a dog suit and make him play Underdog himself. Now that I've seen he'll be playing an actual person, I'm a little disappointed. They'll probably just use CG or an "Air Bud" to play the titular role, and that's a mistake. Using either of those isn't going to give you the raw emotions you'd get in a dwarf. Of course, a dwarf won't give you the raw emotions of a normal human either. Just as normies, in turn, would give less intense emotions than a giant. That's just the way acting works, and is why those with gigantism are going to continue sweeping the awards ceremonies until we do something to stop them.