Ron Perman is Papa Conan

Never mind what I said about Mickey Rourke maybe playing Conan's dad Corin in the new Conan movie. Vulture says a different big, weird-looking old guy will...
March 15, 2010

Mickey Rourke Probably Conan's Dad

Conan's dad may have a weirdly-reconstructed face? That makes sense. Mickey Rourke is in negotiations to play Conan’s father in Lionsgate’s “Conan” movie. Marcus Nispel is directing...
February 24, 2010

This Guy is Conan (the Barbarian)

From Deadline Hollywood comes news that Jason Momoa--who, of course, as huge Stargate Atlantis fans, we all know as apparently being a guy on Stargate Atlantis--has been...
January 22, 2010