greg mottola

Greg Mottola Directing 'Important Artifacts'

The long-forgotten promise of a movie about a relationship between two hip, affluent, attractive people is finally coming to fruition. Risky Business has news Superbad and Adventureland...
April 20, 2010

'Paul' Puts Together Comedy Supergroup

The Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz teaming of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in a sci-fi buddy comedy directed by Superbad/Adventureland director Greg Mottola. That's the line-up...
May 27, 2009

Simon Pegg 'Bastard' No Longer

On his official MySpace page, Simon Pegg has announced he'll no longer be appearing in Inglorious Bastards, instead choosing to work on Paul with Superbad director Greg...
August 18, 2008