jason segel

Now There's a 'Muppets' Bollywood Trailer

Last month, Disney released a Muppets trailer that made claim to being the final parody in a long string of Muppet-based spoofs. Well, I hate to be...
November 11, 2011

The Real 'Muppets' Trailer Is Here

Just days after Jason Segel himself questioned the lack of a genuine Muppets trailer among ever-increasing pile of parodies, here it is: the actual Muppets trailer, with...
June 20, 2011

Hey, There's Already Another 'Muppet' Trailer!

The "Muppet domination" promised in Monday's Muppets teaser apparently refers mostly to spoof trailers, because today there's another preview and, while the last one presented itself as...
May 26, 2011