sherlock holmes

Weekend Box Office: It's Avatar! Again!

In the box office this weekend, Avatar maintained the top spot yet again, earning the highest gross ever in a third weekend and highest for New Year's...
January 4, 2010

New 'Sherlock Holmes' Trailer, Dudes!

Dude! Last night, during the ball game, when you went to pick up more Milwaukee's Best Old BrewDog Lites, you fuckin' missed this new Sherlock Holmes trailer!...
October 20, 2009

'Sherlock Holmes' Teaser Poster Won't Back Down

I know this new Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be an action-oriented, not-your-turn-of-the-century-grandpa's Sherlock Holmes, but why does that mean he's also '90s Tom Petty? Is this...
March 31, 2009